Janathon: days nineteen to twenty-two (oops)

Hmm. So I’ve kinda failed miserably at the blogging part of Janathon again – it’s always the hardest part. But trust me, I have been Janathoning. In fact, I’m in that post-exercise phase of only being able to walk diagonally, swearing under my breath whilst bending and moving… even just drinking a cuppa and generally feeling a bit battered by it all. So here’s a little four day round up.

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Nike Training Club

A couple of weekends ago, I finally plucked up the courage to take myself ‘all the way’ down (from Euston) to Clapham for the Nike Training Club Live Class that happens every Saturday morning.

I’m in London one, maybe two, weekends a month and I’d seen the classes up on Facebook and had wanted to try one out for a while. They don’t run any in my hometown of Nottingham (I’m assuming due to the lack of Nike store) so had to wait for a free day in London to come around.

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