London marathon training update: 8 weeks to go

With eight weeks to go until race day, this week has been my ‘wobble’ week.

The advantage of training for a marathon the second time around is that I am infinitely more relaxed about it than I was this time last year. This week I’ve probably been a bit too relaxed (read: not so much relaxed, more just ignored the fact I’m supposed to be marathon training altogether), but this time I’ve got the experience to know I’ve still got time to turn it around.

This week has been dominated by work (reaching the peak of pressure as we approach year end) and an awful lot of drinking. Stress, alcohol, very little sleep and not much exercise is always a pretty rubbish combination. This has inevitably lead to feeling properly run down and having to cut short today’s planned 17 miler after only a couple of miles thanks to being (the bad kind of) sweaty and really quite snotty. Mmm.

Tomorrow is a new day, next week is a new week and this is just a wobble.

Sharing my marathon journey with #extramile

The likelihood is if you follow my ramblings here, you may have also seen my posts over on Twitter or Instagram, where I’m also madly documenting my current infatuation with marathon training.

And from last week, I’ve also started using the official Virgin Money London Marathon hashtag for sharing your marathon journey – #extramile

This is not just a hashtag though – oh no – it’s also a really cool way of pulling everyone’s training content together in one place. The website also gives you the ability to create your own virtual time capsule of your marathon training journey, along with adding in your fundraising link so everyone can donate their dosh once they’ve caught up with all your efforts.

Here’s a snapshot of mine from this weekend…

There’s also weekly competitions, playlists and interviews – for a social media junkie like me, it’s a great way of fuelling my obsession as the excitement for race day builds over the next three months!

You can find follow my #extramile marathon journey by clicking here or on the image above.

I was very lucky to nab my marathon spot through the ballot, but I’ve also been asked to be part of the #extramile media team and am excited to keep on sharing my journey through to race day on 26th April.