quiet in the corner

Earlier this month, this blog of mine turned six years old.

Even typing that sentence, as I just have, on my actual MacBook, feels weird. Blogging doesn’t exist anymore, not like it used to. We’ve gone from no one having a blog, to everyone having a blog, to now – where it seems as if we’re back at a nobody again.

I’ve managed to write at least a couple of posts every year that this site has been in existence, but I’ve come within seconds of deleting the whole damn thing on several occasions. If no one writes blogs or reads blogs anymore, then what is the point of owning one? But then I remembered, that has never been the point. I’ve never written a word in the hope that someone else would read it (okay okay, apart from a handful of thinly veiled passive aggressive rants aimed at my evil ex, but there’s at least one more of those to come…) – it’s always been for my own self-absorbed interest.

I’ve never hit ‘delete’ because I knew there’d always be a point when I feel like writing something again. And lucky for you (or just me, when I read this back in a few minutes), that time is now.

Whilst everyone has migrated elsewhere on the internet and are busy abusing their ‘friends’ on Facebook, trolling ‘celebrities’ on Twitter and slipping into each other’s DM’s left, right and centre on Instagram, I’m going to use the relative quiet of this space here in the corner, to get some of my thoughts straight. It’s nice to have somewhere where there’s not quite so much yelling. Oh man, there’s just so much yelling.

Write This Run

It was walking to the bar for the after conference drink(s) (oops!) that I realised how much this running thing is a big part of my life. I do it three to four times a week, I talk, read and write about it during a great proportion of my spare time and most importantly – since moving to London in January – I’ve met some great people through it.

And a lot of these people, plus many, many more were all in a room to listen, learn and be inspired by some great speakers at the second Write This Run conference.

Beautiful view of the racecourse from the conference room

During the ‘be inspired’ section, where we heard from Jennifer, who ran from one side of America to the other, Sophie, who told us how running has helped her battle depression and the challenges of parenting a daughter with Asperger’s, and Simon, who was my personal favourite of the whole day. Simon is blind and profoundly deaf, and is currently writing a book about his alternative view of the London marathon. He has clearly done a tonne of research into the landmarks around the course, and as someone who’s always curious about London’s history, I love finding out about interesting or unusual places around our city. His book will be a definite must read.

After lunch, Jody and Jonny gave us some great tips for writing race reports and creating content, followed by a lively panel debate with the addition of Laura, Simon Freeman and Bangs (who had also imparted some great knowledge on working with brands earlier in the day).

It was great to be surrounded by so many people so passionate about the same things, but in the end, it was this quote from Jody that stuck with me the most.

I love running, and I love writing and as long as I can carry on both those things, I’ll be happy.

Oh, and there’s always this nugget from Ultra runner Robbie (whose funny, down to earth talk was a great end to the day) to remind us there’s always improvements to be made.