The Ninth Day

I set my alarm for 8.45am this morning, ready to get up and out for a run by 9am. Ten o’clock came and I was still in bed, reading Twitter/blogs/general faffing on the internet.

Finally peeled myself out of bed and set off for a run at 10.25am. After the relative success of last night’s run, I had planned in my head a route that I thought would be 3.5-4km. It was esentially last night’s loop, ran in the opposite direction, but the loop cast a lot wider at one end.

Running in the opposite direction meant that it was a lot more uphill than yesterday, and unfortunately not at long as I had hoped at 2.88km. I accidently turned coaching off my RunKeeper app so had no idea how long I’d been out or what the distance was. I kinda wish now I’d done a lap of the green or something at the end just to bring it up to 3km. Ah well, my average pace dropped from yesterday so I guess that’s something.

Toward the end I also began to feel a very slight niggle in my right knee, the same place that had left me hobbling around for a couple of weeks after my last race. Hope that doesn’t come back as I don’t really know what to do about that!

The Ninth Day Stats:

  • Exercise: running
  • Distance: 2.88km
  • Time: 21:39
  • Pace: 7:31/km

The Eighth Day

If it weren’t for Janathon, I can absolutely guarantee there is no way that I would have even contemplated going for a run today. Especially outside. In the dark. On a Saturday evening. In January.

After my last disasterous attempt at an outdoor run on The Third Day, when I dressed like it was August and nearly fell over, I took the decision to invest in some proper running gear.

Here are the results of a couple of quick shopping trips. The first layer – a long sleeve Asics top I picked up from the Sports Direct sale for a tenner. Over this is my Great Yorkshire Run t-shirt to remind me that I did indeed run 10k once so can probably do it again one day. My leggings were from H&M for £24.99. My local store recently started carrying the H&M Sport range, which was handy timing.

Next up was my matching Asics jacket, again in the sale at £18 – bargain. I also picked up some cheap gloves, hat and snood from H&M and I was ready to hit the road!

It was pretty windy and rather chilly tonight, but it didn’t feel too bad, especially my top half which was positively toasty once I got going! I did a different route to earlier in the week – past a few more shops and along more of a main road as it was dark. It wasn’t as long as I hoped it would be at 2.16km, and a lot more uphill than it seems in the car. So much so that for a good portion of the latter half of the lap I slowed down to jogging just faster than walking pace. I managed to jog the whole way round though, which I’m glad of.

When I got about five minutes away from home, it had flattened out a bit, and I was feeling pretty good. So much so that I was annoyed about how short the route had turned out and was tempted to add another loop on. I chose not to overdo it, and instead ran a lap of the estate to my house in the far corner, rather than cutting across the green in the middle. Baby steps.

Feel pretty smug and will be pulling on the new kit for an attempt at a slightly longer route tomorrow morning.

The Eighth Day Stats:

  • Exercise: running
  • Distance: 2.16km
  • Time: 17:54
  • Average pace: 8:17/km

The Seventh Day

Another new class at my gym today – Dance Mix. Billed as ‘a fusion of Latin dance moves and aerobics’, I thought it would make an interesting and alternative way of getting some cardio in.

Being the first class ever it was a bit timid, and despite the instructor shouting ‘that’s it, move your hips’ and ‘go on, have fun with it ladies’ no one was really letting go.

It worked up a pink glow though – which didn’t go unnoticed by a workmate I bumped into on the way out – and left me with an intense look of concentration throughout the class as I tried to grasp the more street-style steps (I’ve done a lot of ballet, so me and hip hop don’t really go).

It also made me realise how much I enjoy the technical side of dance (I already do tap – more to come on that on the tenth day). I like learning how to do the actual moves correctly rather than just for the exercise. Maybe finding a salsa class could be my next new thing.

Promise to return to some running tomorrow, but in the mean time the three other workmates who have signed up to the 10k have agreed to ‘Monday Running Club’. We work in an office out of town with it’s own grounds, which is also next to a canal, so we’re going to go running around there on Monday evenings. My history of running with people isn’t great, so we’ll have to see how that goes.

The Seventh Day Stats:

• Exercise: an hour of Dance mix class
• Effort: 4/10

The Sixth Day

Today I tried yoga for the very first time. My gym’s only ever had yoga classes on at times at only the retired or unemployed can make, so I signed straight up as soon as I saw a new class in the evening starting this week.

I figured the stretching would seriously help my legs too after starting up running again. It was really good, really relaxing, and a lot harder than I thought it would be. When holding some poses, I’d look round thinking that it looks like it’s hardly any effort, but inside I was thinking ‘oowwww’.

After almost falling asleep on my mat towards the end of the class, I decided to pop into the gym for a quick 2k on the treadmill. Did it a whole second shy of yesterday’s time, go me!

The Sixth Day Stats:

  • An hour of yoga
  • Running: 2k in 13:08

Some Race News

Good news… I’ve signed up for my second 10k race! I’ll be doing the Derbyshire Building Society 10k at Pride Park in Derby on Sunday 3rd April.

Twelve week countdown to race day starts now!

Managed to persuade three of my team at work to do it with me too – although I think convincing them to go running with me in the evenings is going to be a harder task somehow. They didn’t seem too keen when I shouted ‘new running club!’ across the office at them.

Quite glad I’ve now got something to train toward and it’s making me want to succeed at Janathon even more.

My goal time is sub one hour. Did the Great Yorkshire Run in 1:04, which I know with more training I could’ve got under an hour. Apparently it’s a fairly flat course, good for getting a PB so fingers crossed!