The Twelfth Day

The twelfth day was a day in which I just could not be bothered.

After work I was absolutely knackered – my other resolution of getting loads more sleep also isn’t going so well. I came in and just collapsed in a heap on my bed.

I eventually managed to drag my butt to the gym (after a little encouragement from a friend on Twitter!) and made it to the gym for the shortest gym session EVER.

Think I was there literally 20 minutes. I ran a mile, cycled just over 4k, did some stretching, went home.

My housemate was making dinner and the lure of the prawn curry that was being prepared in my absence was just too much!

Thursday is yoga night. Might try and run beforehand this time, as doing so afterwards last week somewhat ruined the state of zen-like calm that the class had created.

Won’t even bother with ‘The Twelfth Day Stats’ as it was so pathetic!

The Eleventh Day

This evening I went to see Swan Lake performed by the St Petersburg Ballet Theatre at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. I haven’t been to a ballet since I was about 12, and it was really, really good.

In the middle of this though was the traumatic realisation that I’d left my phone at Yo! Sushi. Thankfully the manager had picked it up and kept it in his office for me, phew!

Anyway, with all these activities planned in this evening, I knew I’d have to fit Janathon in before work, so decided on an early morning jog (as my stupid gym doesn’t open until 8:30 – helpful!)

I set my alarm for 6:30, but was waking up from about 4am onwards with the fear of having missed my alarm. When the time finally came to get up though it was a struggle and I didn’t make it onto the street until 6:52. My runkeeper app decided not to work this morning, so I still need to work the distance out myself (I’ll update later), but was out until 7.10. Ran most of the way, with a short break before tackling this slight uphill climb…

I did feel quite pleased with myself for going out early though (even if it was a quick lap) and spent most of the morning telling anyone in the office who would listen. I’m sure even those training for the 10k with me are going to get bored of me soon.

The Tenth Day

Today for my Janathon instalment I went to the tap class that I’ve been attending regularly on a Monday night since September 2009. I

t’s an adult tap class run at a dancing school that mainly caters for school-aged children at the weekend. This was the first class after the Christmas break, as we only dance during term time.

It’s quite an exciting time at the moment, as over the first two weekends of March the school is putting on a dance show in a local theatre, in which my class are doing two dances.

The first dance we’re doing is to ‘Steam Heat’, a song from the musical The Pajama Game, which we all know so is pretty much sorted and just needs a bit of tidying up.

The second dance (which the six of us performing it are much more excited about) is to Gramophonedzie’s ‘Why Don’t You?’ which is the dance song that samples Peggy Lee’s ‘Why Don’t You Do Right?’

It’s a really fast song, with a really odd beat, so it’s turning out to be an interesting one, especially as we’re attempting to be ‘sultry’ in this dance at the same time!

It wasn’t a massive amount of exertion tonight as we’re still choreographing, so it was a bit stop-start, but nice to get back into it after the break. Need to start doing some practicing in my kitchen with my tap shoes on in preparation for the show – I’m sure my housemate & neighbours will really appreciate that!

On a separate – and more running related – note, I picked up this whilst in WH Smith today…

Have nearly picked up Runner’s World magazine a few times, but thought it would go over my head a little. However, as ‘Beginner’ describes me perfectly I thought I’d give this version a try. Only had a quick flick through so far, but looks packed with short articles to answer most FAQs a new runner could come with. I’ll be giving it a thorough read over the rest of Janathon.

The Ninth Day (Part Two)

I just added a little extra to my day nine of Janathon with a walk into town. I’m going to pretend it was for exercise reasons, and not because I couldn’t afford bus fare, because it’s still 19 days ’til pay day and that would be embarrassing.

So, I walked to go and return some clothes to H&M and Topshop (obviously for size reasons, and not because I need the money, because it’s still 19 days ’til pay day and that would be embarrassing) and thought I’d stick my RunKeeper app on out of interest to see how far it was from my house to the city centre.

In other finance related news, yesterday I got charged three times for the same trip to the car park. This morning I topped up my Oyster card with £10 from two different debit cards, which left both my accounts, but got lost in cyberspace and didn’t make it to my Oyster. Not impressed. I’m having a monetary nightmare of a weekend.

Back to the walk – I didn’t quite make it all the way back walking, as my housemate drove past me when I was about a third of the way home and picked me up, but it a nice burst of fresh air nonetheless.

The Ninth Day (Part Two) Stats:

  • Walk into town: 2.47km in 28:03
  • Walk from town: 1.88km in 19:37
  • Total distance: 4.35km

The Ninth Day

I set my alarm for 8.45am this morning, ready to get up and out for a run by 9am. Ten o’clock came and I was still in bed, reading Twitter/blogs/general faffing on the internet.

Finally peeled myself out of bed and set off for a run at 10.25am. After the relative success of last night’s run, I had planned in my head a route that I thought would be 3.5-4km. It was esentially last night’s loop, ran in the opposite direction, but the loop cast a lot wider at one end.

Running in the opposite direction meant that it was a lot more uphill than yesterday, and unfortunately not at long as I had hoped at 2.88km. I accidently turned coaching off my RunKeeper app so had no idea how long I’d been out or what the distance was. I kinda wish now I’d done a lap of the green or something at the end just to bring it up to 3km. Ah well, my average pace dropped from yesterday so I guess that’s something.

Toward the end I also began to feel a very slight niggle in my right knee, the same place that had left me hobbling around for a couple of weeks after my last race. Hope that doesn’t come back as I don’t really know what to do about that!

The Ninth Day Stats:

  • Exercise: running
  • Distance: 2.88km
  • Time: 21:39
  • Pace: 7:31/km