Time to get training

Despite my best attempts to keep running regularly since the Berlin half, it hasn’t really happened. What with not running, and having just had a cat to stay in my flat for two weeks (which I was allergic to, and it played havoc with my asthma), I’m not feeling too fit at all right now.

I could have made training for the Great North Run in September really easy for myself if I’d have kept going to running club sessions, but I haven’t been for about six weeks now. With only a couple of gym sessions a week under my belt for the last month or so, it is definitely time to get training to a proper plan.

About two months ago, I drew up a 16 week long half marathon plan, which was really hard and really ambitious. In hindsight it was a little too hard, and I just ignored it. It also followed roughly the same pattern as my Berlin training plan, so just wasn’t remotely exciting. Last week, I removed it from the wall and started from scratch.

Here is attempt two at my GNR training plan.

Twelve weeks long. Running four times a week, with gym classes twice a week, and on the weekends I’m in London, an NTC class too. Bit worried as some weeks I’ll be running three days in a row, but one it’s a mix of easy, tempo and speed work, so should be oky. Although it’s not on the plan, I also need to incorporate some core work and the glute strengthening exercises I was given by the physio to avoid any knee troubles.

It’s pretty full-on compared to the amount of activity I’m doing now. But I’ve tailored it around plans I know I already have in place – weekends away, my birthday, holidays, which means there should be less reason to veer off course. Plus it’s colour coded. PLUS I have coloured stars as rewards. LET’S DO THIS… sub 2:15 here I come.


I’m the laziest runner I know

Seriously. Not only am I one of the laziest runners I know, but possibly one of the laziest people full stop.

I’ve had nine days away from work, and whilst I’ve managed to accomplish much of my holiday to do list (Hoover, clean, bond with the cat I’m looking after, dye hair, list many, many things on eBay…), this means I’ve barely left my flat.

So no GNR training happened this week, apart from one trip to the gym, where the boyfriend demonstrated his slightly wonky handstand…


Now there’s someone who knows how to go hard. He’s not lazy, damn him.

Running = happy?


Sitting here basking in the red-faced glow of post-run smugness, I have come to a conclusion. That conclusion is that there is a direct correlation between running and happiness (okay, not total happiness – but it certainly helps).

I have decided this because it had been (until about an hour or two ago) exactly two weeks since I last ran, or actually did any kind of exercise. But it’s felt like months rather than weeks. I have been in an ever increasing state of grumpiness throughout these two weeks, culminating in this evening – I only ran because I couldn’t stand my own company any longer. I’d got too miserable for even myself to bear. I needed to get away from my thoughts.

I don’t want to sound too British about it, but I have no doubt that the fact it’s pretending to be October outside is having an impact on my mood. I’ve been soaked through on plenty of runs in the past few months, but with no half marathon to train for it just seems like so much more of a chore.

There’s a couple of other things dragging me down, but the laziness hasn’t helped. This week I’ve felt down, tired, unfit, lethargic, just not my usual self. I’m not a mardy person, in fact it’s one of my least favourite traits in a person. But this is even more reason to get off my butt and run. Or walk. Or go to the gym. Or SOMETHING. Anything to let me get some perspective, get lost in my own thoughts (or just lost in no thoughts).

Four and half weeks ago I signed up for a 10k race at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. Then I did no training. I had six weeks to build on my fitness, and thought it would be a good opportunity to bag a new PB. Even my parents are coming to be my cheer squad, and will see my run for the first time ever. Kinda screwed that one up. Now I’m dreading it, am convinced I’ll never get round 6 miles and will definitely get nowhere near what I could’ve done.

But after tonight’s run I’m feeling a bit less worried. And I’m gonna stop only blogging when I’m moaning. Running success stories to come.

I might go for a run tomorrow


But I probably won’t.

I seem to be in one of my ‘talk about it, read about it, but not actually do a fat lot of it’ phases with running.

Despite the fact I have a race in less than three weeks. And despite the fact I’ve only run four times in the three and a half weeks since Berlin.

And even despite the fact that yesterday I entered the London marathon ballot, was contemplating entering the Brighton marathon and even looked up training plans.

It just ain’t happening.

So at some point this week – it might not be tomorrow – but at some point, I am going to pull on some Lycra and just head out the door, alone.