New kicks #2

It was my birthday on Friday, and I was very lucky to receive these:

The Nike Free Twist E training shoes. I gave a very specific, Nike-filled wish list to my family (more wishful thinking than anything else), but my Mum and Dad came up trumps and got me these. I have barely taken them off since and was debating whether they were Monday-in-the-office appropriate (decided probably not).

Also peeking in the picture are the Nike Print Bowery Leggings which were also hidden in the shoe box. Very spoilt by fitness swag this birthday!

Restyled Berlin half finisher’s tee

Back in April I ran the Berlin half marathon.

I only managed to nab myself a men’s large BRIGHT ORANGE tee at the expo. Gutted.

It’s been sitting in the bottom of my wardrobe ever since – too big to wear out, too synthetic to wear in bed.

I FINALLY got round to doing something about it – cutting, sewing and making it my size. Shamefully (especially for an ex-textiles student and fashion graduate), I did not do this myself. I took it to the awesome Apalts on Byards Lane in Nottingham, who have done a great job reshaping it for me.

Restyled running vest, cheaper than a new one, just how I wanted. And I love the pride I have wearing it, knowing I earned it.

Taking it for a test run (whilst wearing red lippie – been plucking up the courage to do that for ages!):

GNR training: week four

On Monday I flew to Barcelona for four days of sun, sightseeing and sangria with my two awesome best friends.

Naturally, this meant no training whatsoever (despite me taking a couple of bikinis and hoping to use the ‘pool’ – which turned out to be a bath).

I returned on Friday, but this weekend has been muy, muy (see, speaking some Spanish now) unsuccessful – I’ve been at my parent’s house, lazy and a bit preoccupied.

Which has lead to much panicking over on Twitter this evening, as well as much #RunThisTown reassurance and support from Sarah and Sam.

Awesome week. No running. Eight weeks to go. Time to CRANK IT UP.

Olympics tickets

I’m somewhat stealing this post idea from Sophie’s awesome blog Be Pretty Fit, but couldn’t resist a quick post about my Olympics tickets as I’m pretty excited!


I have tickets for Freestyle Wrestling at ExCeL on Friday 10th August (which also happens to be my birthday!) I have no clue about wrestling (the closest thing I’ve seen is being forced to watch the UFC by my boyfriend) but I don’t really care, I’m just happy to be going to see something – and there’s a medal ceremony included in the session I’m seeing!


I also then saw that you could get tickets just for entry into the Olympic Park, so snapped up some of those for entry in the afternoon of Monday 30th July. As you can’t get into any of the venues with this ticket, this might just turn into an afternoon of queuing, buying over priced food and drink and just generally getting hot, squashed and bothered, but I think swimming is on whilst I’ll be there, so the atmosphere should be awesome.


Olympics fever has definitely hit!

So you know that swimming pool I mentioned…

Yeh, I found it.