The Sixth Day

Today I tried yoga for the very first time. My gym’s only ever had yoga classes on at times at only the retired or unemployed can make, so I signed straight up as soon as I saw a new class in the evening starting this week.

I figured the stretching would seriously help my legs too after starting up running again. It was really good, really relaxing, and a lot harder than I thought it would be. When holding some poses, I’d look round thinking that it looks like it’s hardly any effort, but inside I was thinking ‘oowwww’.

After almost falling asleep on my mat towards the end of the class, I decided to pop into the gym for a quick 2k on the treadmill. Did it a whole second shy of yesterday’s time, go me!

The Sixth Day Stats:

  • An hour of yoga
  • Running: 2k in 13:08

Some Race News

Good news… I’ve signed up for my second 10k race! I’ll be doing the Derbyshire Building Society 10k at Pride Park in Derby on Sunday 3rd April.

Twelve week countdown to race day starts now!

Managed to persuade three of my team at work to do it with me too – although I think convincing them to go running with me in the evenings is going to be a harder task somehow. They didn’t seem too keen when I shouted ‘new running club!’ across the office at them.

Quite glad I’ve now got something to train toward and it’s making me want to succeed at Janathon even more.

My goal time is sub one hour. Did the Great Yorkshire Run in 1:04, which I know with more training I could’ve got under an hour. Apparently it’s a fairly flat course, good for getting a PB so fingers crossed!

The Fifth Day

What a difference a day makes! Have just returned home from Janathon day five and I feel pretty good.

Went to the gym again this evening, but managed so much more than last night.

I took some advice that was left on my blog yesterday by The Virtual Runner, who told me to take my inhaler 10 minutes before starting any cardio. Pretty obvious really, I can’t believe I hadn’t realised before. I’d always saw my inhaler as something to use once I’ve become wheezey, not something to open my airways to prevent it happening in the first place.

So I tried that tip out today, took two puffs before heading off to the gym and it seemed to have worked – I haven’t had to take it again since!

Plus my running went much better today. Managed 2k yesterday, which admittedly turned into mostly walking. Today, I set the distance to 2k and started running. To start with it hurt, and I was concentrating so much on my breathing I was all over the place. Then, I got a bit more into my stride, so thought I’d have a walk at 1k. That came and went. I’ll walk at 1.6k I thought, so at least I’ve done a mile without stopping. That too came and went and I was still running… all the way to 2k! Did it in 13.09, which is a good start.

Then went over to do some cycling whilst watching Mastermind – a great way to pass the time.

Then some more weights and stretches before heading home happy. Feel like I’ve finally got off to a good start with my Janathon.

The Fifth Day Stats:

  • Running: 2k in 13.09
  • Cycling: 6k in 15:55
  • ‘Arm rowing’: 2k

The Fourth Day

Due to the aforementioned lack of outdoor running gear (see The Third Day) my runs will have to remain confined to the gym until at least the weekend, when I can buy something other than the black hoodie, black leggings, no hat, no gloves outfit I went out in yesterday.

Today’s Janathon installment was a trip to the gym (not visited for a few months, except for a few classes). Again my lungs were my own worst enemy, as the asthma took hold only about 5 minutes into my run on the treadmill. Stupidly, I left my inhaler (and headphones) in the car, so without music or asthmatic relief I was only there for about 30 minutes.

The Fourth Day Stats:

  • Running: 2k
  • Cycling: 3k
  • Arm rowing (not sure what the technical term is): 1k
  • LOTS of leg weights and stretching

The Third Day

I’d like to reiterate what I’ve just said on Twitter and summarise that run in three words: horrible, horrible and horrible.

I realised whilst running that I’d counted wrong, and haven’t actually been for a run in approaching 4 months, so it’s effectively like I never did that 10k last year.

It certainly felt like it did when I first started out last time – painful to say the least. I managed my ‘quick route’ this morning though, one which I did a lot whilst training for the 10k on days when I needed to do some running but just wanted to nip out for a short run.

I also realised three other things this morning. Firstly, I do not have appropriate clothing for running in winter (couldn’t find any non-leather gloves, couldn’t find a hat, don’t have a jacket), which will need rectifying pretty quickly as running in what I wore in August, plus a hoodie, isn’t really going to cut it.

Next, I’ve put my iPhone holder somewhere ‘safe’ which I now can’t find – and it’s a pain to run whilst holding it.

Lastly, I don’t think I realised quite how badly my asthma has returned with a vengeance this winter. The cold air really makes it a lot, lot harder than I had imagined on my chest. Exercise should help.

One good thing though – my new app RunKeeper was really good and tracked my run, generating the stats below…

The Third Day Stats: 

  • Exercise: Running (and some walking)
  • Distance: 2.57km
  • Time: 21:53 (really, really rubbish!)
  • Exertion: Lots!

It can only get easier from here, right?!