The Seventeenth Day

I never should’ve tempted fate by saying on Twitter how I was excited about the first ever meeting of ‘Monday Running Club’. Bad move.

I had, I thought, managed to persuade three girls in my team (who are also doing the Derby 10k with me) to do a bit of group training by running together after work. Mondays weren’t ideal, but the only day everyone was free, so we agreed to have our first session today. I’d even found the map of a mile long loop around our building.

Obviously you can see where this is going – I lugged all my kit into the office only to find the others hadn’t done the same. I wasn’t going to run around work on my own, so came home having not run and feeling a bit deflated.

I had tap class later on this evening anyway, so to make up for it, I turned up to tap early to practise one of the dances for our upcoming show. Luckily two others had the same idea and we had a good few run throughs of the (currently only) finished dance before the class started.

We know one of the dances fairly well now, practising it is turning into a pretty good work out, especially as we’re starting to add in arms and smiley faces!

The show is going to come around very quickly – it’s the first two weekends of March, so towards then I’ll be getting in loads of extra exercise from dancing – yes!

A Janathon Confession

I haven’t run in three days. I haven’t done any other exercise in those three days either. There I said it. I’ve failed in my Janathon attempt. And only thirteen days in too. I am annoyed at myself to say the least.

However, I am still going to write a half-arsed attempt at a justification…

Friday. I knew I was going out after work, so was going to run in the morning. I didn’t. One day failed. Friday night, I drank too much gin. Saturday written off, two days failed. Sunday, said I was going to run in the evening, ended up not. Three days failed.

To expand slightly on the justification – the reason I was so utterly lame was that someone who I was really good friends with a while back was in Nottingham for the weekend. I hadn’t seen him in five years. It was so good to catch up that we did so on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Add in a hangover too and there really wasn’t much time for running.

I have a massive lack of motivation and self control at the best of times, and when there’s the opportunity of spending some time with someone that I haven’t seen in so, so long these go even more out of the window. As annoyed as I am at myself for not sticking to Janathon, I feel like I’ve reinstated a long-lost friendship this weekend, which is pretty cool.

Anyway… moving back onto the real reason for this blog… tomorrow I AM BACK ON IT! I am not letting a (three day long) blip put me off too much, and am going to start up on the exercise again tomorrow.

I was never, ever going to be in the (ahem) running for a Janathon prize from the off, and the whole thing has pushed me to do way more exercise than I would’ve done anyway. I’ve signed up for another 10k. I’ve read loads of really funny, informative Janathon blogs, made a few comments and read about everyone’s progress on Twitter. So, in short, I am still really enjoying the running/exercising/Janathoning/blogging thing and will continue to do so… tomorrow!

The Thirteenth Day

Yoga again tonight. Yoga is hard. It really looks like it should be easy, but it really hurts. I thought my Achilles were going to snap with my rather lame attempt at ‘The Chair’, which actually resembled more of a stool.

And don’t even get me started on this one…

It seems most poses in yoga are designed to make all the blood rush to your head. I think that’s what gives you that nice, relaxed feeling afterwards.

The lying on the floor with your eyes closed probably helps too though…


The Twelfth Day

The twelfth day was a day in which I just could not be bothered.

After work I was absolutely knackered – my other resolution of getting loads more sleep also isn’t going so well. I came in and just collapsed in a heap on my bed.

I eventually managed to drag my butt to the gym (after a little encouragement from a friend on Twitter!) and made it to the gym for the shortest gym session EVER.

Think I was there literally 20 minutes. I ran a mile, cycled just over 4k, did some stretching, went home.

My housemate was making dinner and the lure of the prawn curry that was being prepared in my absence was just too much!

Thursday is yoga night. Might try and run beforehand this time, as doing so afterwards last week somewhat ruined the state of zen-like calm that the class had created.

Won’t even bother with ‘The Twelfth Day Stats’ as it was so pathetic!

The Eleventh Day

This evening I went to see Swan Lake performed by the St Petersburg Ballet Theatre at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. I haven’t been to a ballet since I was about 12, and it was really, really good.

In the middle of this though was the traumatic realisation that I’d left my phone at Yo! Sushi. Thankfully the manager had picked it up and kept it in his office for me, phew!

Anyway, with all these activities planned in this evening, I knew I’d have to fit Janathon in before work, so decided on an early morning jog (as my stupid gym doesn’t open until 8:30 – helpful!)

I set my alarm for 6:30, but was waking up from about 4am onwards with the fear of having missed my alarm. When the time finally came to get up though it was a struggle and I didn’t make it onto the street until 6:52. My runkeeper app decided not to work this morning, so I still need to work the distance out myself (I’ll update later), but was out until 7.10. Ran most of the way, with a short break before tackling this slight uphill climb…

I did feel quite pleased with myself for going out early though (even if it was a quick lap) and spent most of the morning telling anyone in the office who would listen. I’m sure even those training for the 10k with me are going to get bored of me soon.