Cry me a river

I cry a lot. I’ll be the first to admit that, even for a ‘girl’ (sorry for playing up to the stereotype), I use up more than my fair share of the tear quota. Some may see this as weakness, possibly even bordering on unhealthy, I just think it’s the way a lot of emotions leave my body.

I cry when I’m happy, when I’m sad, angry or just plain indifferent. Heck, last week I even cried in front of my boss (I may not mind being someone who cries a lot, but even I take exception to tears at work. Awkward…) My boyfriend doesn’t understand happy tears, but when something is just plain lovely, the sobbing begins then too.

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The long Sunday run

With seven weeks to go until the Berlin half marathon, I am well and truly in the grip of training. I am training five times a week, and now is the time that my plan crosses over into the unknown. The furthest I’ve ever run is 10k, and from this weekend, the long Sunday run steps up to 7 miles… and beyond. Way beyond.

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Janathon: days twenty six to thirty one (the end!)

What with the week long break (NEW EYES! Okay, I’ll shut up about that now) and then the deafening blog silence for the past week, it appears that I have again flunked Janathon big time. But apart from not actually sharing what’s been going on with the world (…or the couple of people that stumble across this blog), all has been going rather well in the world of running.

I feel well and truly into my half marathon training now, and on the whole it’s all going swimmingly. I’ve stuck to the training plan, I’m (on occasion) making progress, I’ve joined a running club and best of all I’m really enjoying it.

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Janathon: day twenty five (does this even count?!)

I couldn’t face running today. In fact, I was more than in need of a rest day – I’ve worked harder in the last four days than I have… well I can’t think of a comparison, let’s just say I’ve definitely stepped up my exercise considerably now we’re into my ‘post-eye surgery’ half of Janathon.

As such, I need a flat-based activity for this evening. So, I faffed around for a few minutes (probably about 10) with these:

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