Last night I was on a near 3 hour train journey back to Nottingham after a flying 24 hour visit home to Norfolk. I spent a good proportion of this journey (an hour and 40 minutes) on the phone to he of A Janathon Confession fame. This put me in a really good mood, and I’m not sure how but in turn this developed into some much needed motivation to go for a run.

So, kit was laid out on the radiator, alarm was set for 05:45 and when I woke up this morning, I was wide awake and actually really excited to run.

Made it out the door for just gone 6am and ran 3.8k (even added a little detour at the end to ensure I tipped over the 2 mile mark). Took 25 minutes, which evened out at slower than I thought but ran my fastest km (5:50) and fastest mile (10:03) on today’s run. These times need to become the norm in the next seven weeks in order to hit my goal of a sub one hour 10k, but I’m a super happy bunny this morning!

Whilst out running, I was thinking about the post I’d read on Bangs and a Bun’s blog about excuses people make to get out of going running. I think at one point or another I’ve made all of the excuses listed (bar the one about kids!) I’m never going to be someone that can keep up their training plan without fail every single week. Before this morning, I hadn’t run for 10 days. I go through waves of motivation, which you’ll be able to tell from all my previous posts. But Bangs’ post did make me think I need to stop being so pathetic and just get out there. A recommended read for anyone like me that’s trying hard to get into running, but just needs a bit of a nudge sometimes.

Good news… I’ve signed up for my second 10k race! I’ll be doing the Derbyshire Building Society 10k at Pride Park in Derby on Sunday 3rd April.

Twelve week countdown to race day starts now!

Managed to persuade three of my team at work to do it with me too – although I think convincing them to go running with meĀ in the eveningsĀ is going to be a harder task somehow. They didn’t seem too keen when I shouted ‘new running club!’ across the office at them.

Quite glad I’ve now got something to train toward and it’s making me want to succeed at Janathon even more.

My goal time is sub one hour. Did the Great Yorkshire Run in 1:04, which I know with more training I could’ve got under an hour. Apparently it’s a fairly flat course, good for getting a PB so fingers crossed!