New kicks #1

Not running shoes, but I got some new sneakers today that I’m just so excited about I had to post a quick picture.

I’ve never really been into trainers, in fact I don’t think I own any that I don’t run in (which is only two pairs). But for some reason recently I’ve been obsessed with checking out other people’s footwear, especially when down in London and have got to the point that I’m starting to covert so many pairs I’ve dedicated a whole¬†Pinterest board.

So, the first pair of what I fear will now be a growing trainer collection are these Superga House of Holland collaboration lilac leopard plimsolls. In a massive day-after-payday cliche, a huge asos delivery arrived at work for me today, but these are by far my favourites.

Now I just need to keep me and my start of the month bank balance out of Niketown this weekend.

I bought my new kicks here