Hello, I’m Melissa.


I started this blog in January 2011 as a way of taking part in Janathon.

It was previously called lissyruns – ‘lissy’ because at the time I wanted to remain relatively anonymous (I didn’t want anyone I knew in real life (IRL) to find it), and, at the time, no one IRL called me Lissy. And ‘runs‘ because I was only writing about running. This little corner of the internet started out as my training diary, of sorts.

Now, five years later, my real life and my internet life have morphed to become one and the same thing (hasn’t everyone’s?!) and I am known as Lissy to those I’ve met through blogging, running or Twitter, and still as Melissa to everyone else. I don’t mind which you use, I like both.

As well as my name morphing over time, what I want to write about has changed too. Running is, and will always remain, one of the core topics on this site. This is my place to outpour the good, bad, frustrating, joyous and just plain ugly about running and training for races – anything from 5k up to marathon.

But I also occasionally like to ride my sexy red bike, practice yoga, go to the gym, do fitness classes, explore London, travel regularly (especially in Europe), take photos, dine, drink and cook. I also have a wealth of brilliant dating stories and it’s about time I shared some of them. So all of these things will also feature from time to time.

I am lucky enough to live in the greatest (in my humble opinion) city in the world, London. I make no apologies for the often London-centric nature of my posts – it is a dream come true to live here, it took a lot of hard work and I am grateful every single day that I do.

Now you know exactly what to expect on lissywebb.com. Enjoy!

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