Mementos from Paris

It’s now been almost seven months since I ran the Paris marathon – one of the best, most transformative experiences of my life.

Not being a keepsake type person, the lengths I’ve gone to to commemorate the achievement just goes to show the profound effect running the marathon has had on me.

There’s been some small things I’ve already shared, such as the good luck charm for my Thomas Sabo bracelet I received from my parents in the week before the race…

And the tshirt I bought for myself to remind me why all the early Sunday mornings would be worth it…

And the spur of the moment but slightly more permanent ink I got at Abraxas in Paris the morning after…

But my most recent addition to the seemingly never ending list of Parisian reminders is my bib number, which has been beautifully framed by Rabbit in a Frame.

My picture in no way does justice to how gorgeous this item is

I never keep my race bibs but I really liked the design on this one – the skyline, my name, the date and my starting pen all made this one a bit more personalised. Mike at Rabbit in a Frame was really great and when he found out what he’d be framing suggested that it shouldn’t be overpowered by the frame, and instead look like it is suspended within it, which I love.

I paid £35 for the service (which includes free pick up and drop off within pretty much all of East London – mine was picked up from my office and dropped off back at my house). The prices have gone up slightly since I used them back at the beginning of the summer, but for a bespoke and convenient service I still think it’s really good value.

And now my Parisian collection is complete.

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