Sunrise run and breakfast with a view

I had something in my diary for last weekend for months – that entry read ‘sunrise run’. I’m not too sure where the idea first came from, but a while back, myself, Steph, Charlie and Harry decided to meet early one weekend – early enough to get to see the sunrise as we ran. Oh how I love having friends who also think this sounds like a good idea. The plan developed further and we decided to make a booking for breakfast at Duck and Waffle (the UK’s highest restaurant) for 7am – which a quick Google search told us would be perfect timing to see the sun come up over London at just before half 7 after our run.

Charlie stayed over at mine the night before and after a 1am bedtime (I should never expect an early night when she’s around!) I crawled out of bed at 5am, hit the shower and then hit the road. I decided to cycle as I’m enjoying cycling way more than running at the moment, and we headed over Tower Bridge and followed the river along to Waterloo where we were due to meet Steph and Harry at 6am.

I’ve cycled to Waterloo once before early in the morning and having a usually so tourist dominated stretch all to yourself really is quite something. I don’t think we passed a single person the whole way there, or if we did, we were too happy to notice them.

I then did my best at navigating us in the complete opposite direction from the restaurant, before panicking, turning us all around and heading quickly in the right direction with a run/cycle through the City towards Heron Tower.

After a small issue with the man on the door (yes, we know we aren’t in restaurant appropriate attire, but can we at least just go up to the bathroom to get changed? No? Well okay then), the experience improved dramatically. Friendly, attentive staff, an English Breakfast with not an ounce of grease (or the need for ketchup) stodgy, warm pastries and of course THAT VIEW.

I knew I was paying for the privilege of looking out of their lofty windows, but I didn’t care – it was so worth it.

We timed it beautifully, the conditions were gorgeous and we were facing East so I even got to spot my house! Okay, not my exact house, but the collection of buildings at least.

I would start every weekend at 5am if it meant I got to sip coffee and gaze out over this…




  1. 23rd October 2014 / 10:05 AM

    What a way to start the day! Looks amazing 🙂

  2. 23rd October 2014 / 1:19 PM

    What an amazing way to start the day! I really want to go to the Duck and Waffle, the reviews (and views) I’ve seen are really good.

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