Race report: Bacchus half marathon

Things I didn’t like about Bacchus half marathon:

The hills

As the train pulled into Dorking, I laughed about the massive hill we could see behind the vineyard, saying something along the lines of “ahahaha, wouldn’t it be funny if the course went up that.” It did. It was steep. I didn’t like it. (But the view was alright, s’pose.)

The trail

See! So uneven I couldn’t even take an unshakey photo

Also on the train, I came to the sudden and odd realisation that this was quite a rural race (odd because running this race was my idea). It hadn’t really crossed my mind until this point (I was too focussed on the wine). I do not like trail running, and consequently spent a lot of the race listing the reasons I didn’t like trail running. At least now I’ve learnt to say no to any non-road race.

Things I did like about Bacchus half marathon:

I was running with my housemates Sam and Gosia for the first time
Me and Gosia ran the whole thing together

There were seven ‘aid stations’, and I sampled the wine at every single one
Every ‘aid station’ was also like a mini picnic. This one was my favourite – it had a steel band, the BEST marshalls and an incredible spread of snacks

Unlike at the British 10k, I made a very good fancy dress choice (NO FLEECE!!)

Hula girl costume FTW! A crop top and shorts is always an infinitely better idea that a tiger onesie. Lesson sweatily learnt.

The runner’s discount in the Denbies wine shop which I had a little peruse around after the race
The post run hog roast and full glass of wine

(I didn’t take a photo… neither were around long enough!)

Lots of lovely people were there

And I ran a lot of the second half of the race with Leah and Aleisha too.

Something tells me I’m not supposed to post this here…?!

…including the incredible Stephanie the Magpie

Despite all of the other glorious things, my absolute favourite part of the day was crossing the finish line and finding out Steph had ABSOLUTELY SMASHED THE HELL OUT OF THE MARATHON. She completed two laps of a frankly brutal course for actual running, taking only 22 minutes longer that I took to do one lap. Seriously, who does that?! Oh yeh, Steph does! *proud face*

Proof that I really was taking my time at those pit stops…


  1. September 22, 2014 / 5:03 pm

    *Beams with pride* thanks for your lovely words. It meant so much to have you there to celebrate with!!

  2. September 23, 2014 / 10:06 am

    Ha, love it! I love the trails, but that big hill did nearly kill me. You won’t be back next year then?

    • September 23, 2014 / 12:16 pm

      I think a half was just a bit long for that kind of race! Plus I have unfinished business with the Copenhagen half that needs sorting next year & they are the same weekend!

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