Scared of racing

Today I will run my fifth half marathon.

The last two were part of marathon training, so they were 'just' training runs. They were at a time when 14, 16, 18 mile runs were the weekly norm.

The furthest I've run since the marathon six weeks ago is 7 miles. I've run a lot since then, but I've run short and I've run fast.

I feel very blasé about today's race, but at the same time very apprehensive. For the first time ever, I'm going to race on what I would call an injury. I'm very sensible normally and wouldn't usually have chosen to run, but today I'm running with my 59 year old Dad and 22 year old brother. It will be my little bro's first race, so there's no way I'm not running.

It's also forecast to be very hot. And the race doesn’t start until 11am, so we will literally be running in the beating midday sun. I hate running in the heat. I am not a hot weather person. Yesterday we panic bought new vest tops, white tshirts and hand held water bottles. At least I have my visor.

And then there's the route. The field is 339 runners, it's all primarily off road, it's rural, it's a little but hilly. Just look at the map.

Wish us luck!

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