Race report: La Genevoise 5k

Hello from Geneva!

After getting up before 5am, an hour long wait on the runway at Gatwick, but then a super quick and painless flight, yesterday we arrived!

After checking in, grabbing some pasta with an obligatory petite bière, hunting out a local supermarket for Swiss treats and heading to the expo to pick up race numbers, it was time to head over to Ashley and Bo’s gorgeous Geneva apartment. They kindly offered to host us all for a couple of hours of cheese, wine and chat to welcome us to the city.

Myself, Harry and Charlie then wandered around the centre for a while on the way back to our hotel, stopping off for frites and another petite bière at the Lord Nelson pub on Place du Molard.

This morning, after the ace little breakfast buffet at our hotel, we went for a wander around the city again, taking in the sights and beautiful buildings. The women’s only 5k race that’s part of the Geneva marathon weekend, La Genevoise, is held at 2pm at the afternoon, possibly the strangest time of a race I’ve ever taken part in. I didn’t want lunch before the race, so instead fuelled with a pain au chocolat and coffee.

After more wandering, we met the rest of the girls near the start and headed across the bridge to the start. It was a sea of very enthusiastic ladies in frankly hideous pink v-neck t-shirts (probably won’t be wearing that one!) and some very loud dodgy dance. It was a really fun atmosphere though.

Soon enough, we were running through the inflatable arch and off to the left towards the lake. The first half mile or so of the course was super busy, narrow and congested. The race was full of all kinds of abilities mixed together (as was the point of the race) so required quite a lot of weaving. I said to Leah about how I had considered trying to PB at this race, but it clearly just wasn’t going to happen.

The route was an out and back along the side of the lake, and the sun came out whilst we were waiting at the start, so running along the water was really lovely.


Just before the turn back, the course opened up a little and I sped up. By half way, I could really speed up and decided to see how fast I could go. I ran the last (almost) mile at 7:45 pace and crossed the finish after running down the brilliantly noisy and spectator filled final straight in 25:42, well over a minute faster than my previous 5k PB. The course came out at 2.95 miles, but even still I’m taking it. I’d heard that post marathon is a good time to get a shorter distance time, and today felt really good for it.

A lovely little race with a lovely little view and a great way to shake out before more running tomorrow.

Tonight, we’ve been going through the race prep motions proper in readiness for the half marathon and marathon relay tomorrow, not that you’d be able to tell from our dinner…



  1. 6th May 2014 / 10:22 AM

    whoop 🙂 I wish I had signed up for the 5km now…mostly for the extra medal lol looking forward to reading your recap for Sunday x

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