I bought a bike

I’ve wanted a bike for ages. People on bikes are so cool. So on the first day this year that we had more than 10 minutes of sun, I did some (not very) comprehensive bike research and bought one. (Soz credit card).

I can’t commute to work on a bike. It’s 14 miles away in the depths of Surrey and even if I could bike 28 miles a day, I don’t think I really want to. So, I’ve gone for something I can just ‘pootle’ around South West London on at the weekends. I might even brave it into Central London once in a while.

It’s cheap and cheerful, it’s a foldie that doesn’t really fold that well, but it’s a bike and I love it already. But kinda love my new helmet even more (I may have been wearing it around the flat just a little bit).

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