Time to get training

Despite my best attempts to keep running regularly since the Berlin half, it hasn’t really happened. What with not running, and having just had a cat to stay in my flat for two weeks (which I was allergic to, and it played havoc with my asthma), I’m not feeling too fit at all right now.

I could have made training for the Great North Run in September really easy for myself if I’d have kept going to running club sessions, but I haven’t been for about six weeks now. With only a couple of gym sessions a week under my belt for the last month or so, it is definitely time to get training to a proper plan.

About two months ago, I drew up a 16 week long half marathon plan, which was really hard and really ambitious. In hindsight it was a little too hard, and I just ignored it. It also followed roughly the same pattern as my Berlin training plan, so just wasn’t remotely exciting. Last week, I removed it from the wall and started from scratch.

Here is attempt two at my GNR training plan.

Twelve weeks long. Running four times a week, with gym classes twice a week, and on the weekends I’m in London, an NTC class too. Bit worried as some weeks I’ll be running three days in a row, but one it’s a mix of easy, tempo and speed work, so should be oky. Although it’s not on the plan, I also need to incorporate some core work and the glute strengthening exercises I was given by the physio to avoid any knee troubles.

It’s pretty full-on compared to the amount of activity I’m doing now. But I’ve tailored it around plans I know I already have in place – weekends away, my birthday, holidays, which means there should be less reason to veer off course. Plus it’s colour coded. PLUS I have coloured stars as rewards. LET’S DO THIS… sub 2:15 here I come.



  1. 18th June 2012 / 7:17 AM

    Good luck love!! Am sure you’ll be fine once you get going xx

  2. 18th June 2012 / 7:50 AM

    A printed schedule and coloured stars.. that would keep me going =) What a nice idea!

  3. 4th July 2012 / 5:37 PM

    I spent an evening making a training plan instead of going for a run. I then spent another evening correcting the training plan, as got my dates wrong….

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