I’m the laziest runner I know

Seriously. Not only am I one of the laziest runners I know, but possibly one of the laziest people full stop.

I’ve had nine days away from work, and whilst I’ve managed to accomplish much of my holiday to do list (Hoover, clean, bond with the cat I’m looking after, dye hair, list many, many things on eBay…), this means I’ve barely left my flat.

So no GNR training happened this week, apart from one trip to the gym, where the boyfriend demonstrated his slightly wonky handstand…


Now there’s someone who knows how to go hard. He’s not lazy, damn him.

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  1. 11th June 2012 / 12:30 AM

    I think that if there was a ‘lazy’ competition… I would kick your ass… If I could be bothered to get up or lift my leg…

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