And then the sh*t hit the fan


A couple of weeks ago, my two best friends (the ones I talked about it a post published a mere 36 hours before), were in the pub together, and they read my blog, along with my Twitter feed. What was revealed to them was the life that I had been hiding from them – all the people I talk to and interact with over Twitter and various blogs. My decision not to drink anything during November. And my motivations, fears, thoughts and pledges that I have been putting out there, into the virtual universe.

Obviously it was completely plausible that they would read this stuff. Neither my blog or my Twitter timeline are hidden and they know my Twitter username, as well as being aware of the existence of my blog. What followed was a somewhat uncomfortable conversation about what I hadn’t been telling them and the reasons why. Oh, and a few tears.

And now, what I have to say to them is this:

I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you what has been going on with me. So, so that you know…

In April, I ran a 10k race and smashed my target time. I never thought I could’ve done that. It was amazing. Then I fell in love – that distracted me a little bit. A bit later I realised I missed how I felt before – when I was training, when I was getting fitter, when I was improving and achieving something in a race. So I wrote a post about how I felt. Literally days later I saw (on Twitter) that someone called Jayne (@beachbumbeauty) was organising an initiative called Operation Fit and Fabulous, to bring together women over the internet, and help them get healthier and feel better, through setting them weekly challenges. I have been doing this for 10 weeks.

As part of this, one of the weekly challenges was to focus on a specific body part and concentrate on improving it. I chose my stomach, and as such have been following Melissa’s (@thrutheblue) 30 Day Ab Challenge throughout November (this is where the no drinking bit also came in).

Both of these things are what have been taking up most of my (online) time and are encouraging me to go to the gym more regularly. As well as this, I am *really* annoyed at myself for flunking out of both the half marathons I signed up to this year. As such, I really want to complete one in March/April/May next year, so after Christmas will need to seriously start training for this.

So now you are up to speed in three paragraphs, and without having to go through several weeks worth of blog posts to find out what the heck’s been going on.

I appreciate that you were annoyed, and how bizarre it would be to read so much you didn’t know about someone you know so well. I don’t have a lot else to say that hasn’t already been said, apart from thank you. Thank you for caring enough to notice there was something, and for caring enough to find out what it was.

I don’t expect you to keep reading my blog – I mean, my gawd, you’ll be so bored. But you will be hearing a lot more about what I’m up to. I love you. The end.

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