No Alcohol November – the end


I went the entire month of November without drinking any alcohol, WOO – go me! It was probably the longest I’ve been in a good few years without drinking at least a glass of wine of an evening or a pint during a Sunday afternoon pub trip, and I’m a little bit proud of myself.

It has actually been 40 days since I last drank (since the fateful ‘worst hangover in years’ the morning after a night out with my old uni flatmates) and the end couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. Sunday is my bestie/wife/flatmate’s birthday and tonight we are celebrating with cocktails. I will be sensible though, no messy hangover for me. I have NOT missed those one bit.

Other than realising more than ever that I do not love a wine induced headache, I have also learnt the following:

    • Not buying alcohol saves you a LOT of money. I mean, damn, soda and lime is a deal. The cheapest I found – 50p!
    • As long as I can stay awake (err, hello Relentless/Red Bull/other caffeine crammed beverage), I don’t need to be drunk to have fun and dance – it’s the dealing with other drunk people that’s the problem
    • It makes you more productive – not just because of the lackoff hangovers, but you can also go home and do stuff after a social situation
    • Oh, and did I mention… no hangovers! As someone who suffers real bad  with read bad hangovers, I think this is the one single thing that could persuade me into teetotalism

But for now I’ll just stick with moderation, it could be a revelation.

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