No Alcohol November – over half way through

It is now 17 whole days since I wrote my pledge not to drink any alcohol at all during November. And I am glad to say that I’m still going strong – not a single drop of alcohol has passed my lips in the last two and a half weeks.

I’d love to say I feel amazing. I’d love to say I’ve noticed a massive difference. But I can’t. Sure, I’ve probably had more productive weekends, and it’s brilliant that I haven’t had a headache for almost three weeks, but I was expecting more. I was expecting to be bouncing around, full of energy. To feel so much better, so much cleaner.

I think there’s one thing that’s prohibiting me from feeling the amazingness that I otherwise would – my lack of sleep. I think any goodness that I should be feeling from not drinking is being counteracted my the effect of keeping my eyes open at my desk on a daily basis.

This weekend I face my biggest challenge yet. I am attending a birthday party of a friend of my boyfriend. It is a cheese and wine party. Like my two favourite things, brought together, at a party. Nooo! Being in a room full of people I don’t know, eating food that I love, but not being able to have the drink that accompanies it oh-so-well – it’s going to be tough.

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