The Ninth Day

I set my alarm for 8.45am this morning, ready to get up and out for a run by 9am. Ten o’clock came and I was still in bed, reading Twitter/blogs/general faffing on the internet.

Finally peeled myself out of bed and set off for a run at 10.25am. After the relative success of last night’s run, I had planned in my head a route that I thought would be 3.5-4km. It was esentially last night’s loop, ran in the opposite direction, but the loop cast a lot wider at one end.

Running in the opposite direction meant that it was a lot more uphill than yesterday, and unfortunately not at long as I had hoped at 2.88km. I accidently turned coaching off my RunKeeper app so had no idea how long I’d been out or what the distance was. I kinda wish now I’d done a lap of the green or something at the end just to bring it up to 3km. Ah well, my average pace dropped from yesterday so I guess that’s something.

Toward the end I also began to feel a very slight niggle in my right knee, the same place that had left me hobbling around for a couple of weeks after my last race. Hope that doesn’t come back as I don’t really know what to do about that!

The Ninth Day Stats:

  • Exercise: running
  • Distance: 2.88km
  • Time: 21:39
  • Pace: 7:31/km

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