The Seventh Day

Another new class at my gym today – Dance Mix. Billed as ‘a fusion of Latin dance moves and aerobics’, I thought it would make an interesting and alternative way of getting some cardio in.

Being the first class ever it was a bit timid, and despite the instructor shouting ‘that’s it, move your hips’ and ‘go on, have fun with it ladies’ no one was really letting go.

It worked up a pink glow though – which didn’t go unnoticed by a workmate I bumped into on the way out – and left me with an intense look of concentration throughout the class as I tried to grasp the more street-style steps (I’ve done a lot of ballet, so me and hip hop don’t really go).

It also made me realise how much I enjoy the technical side of dance (I already do tap – more to come on that on the tenth day). I like learning how to do the actual moves correctly rather than just for the exercise. Maybe finding a salsa class could be my next new thing.

Promise to return to some running tomorrow, but in the mean time the three other workmates who have signed up to the 10k have agreed to ‘Monday Running Club’. We work in an office out of town with it’s own grounds, which is also next to a canal, so we’re going to go running around there on Monday evenings. My history of running with people isn’t great, so we’ll have to see how that goes.

The Seventh Day Stats:

• Exercise: an hour of Dance mix class
• Effort: 4/10


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