The Fifth Day

What a difference a day makes! Have just returned home from Janathon day five and I feel pretty good.

Went to the gym again this evening, but managed so much more than last night.

I took some advice that was left on my blog yesterday by The Virtual Runner, who told me to take my inhaler 10 minutes before starting any cardio. Pretty obvious really, I can’t believe I hadn’t realised before. I’d always saw my inhaler as something to use once I’ve become wheezey, not something to open my airways to prevent it happening in the first place.

So I tried that tip out today, took two puffs before heading off to the gym and it seemed to have worked – I haven’t had to take it again since!

Plus my running went much better today. Managed 2k yesterday, which admittedly turned into mostly walking. Today, I set the distance to 2k and started running. To start with it hurt, and I was concentrating so much on my breathing I was all over the place. Then, I got a bit more into my stride, so thought I’d have a walk at 1k. That came and went. I’ll walk at 1.6k I thought, so at least I’ve done a mile without stopping. That too came and went and I was still running… all the way to 2k! Did it in 13.09, which is a good start.

Then went over to do some cycling whilst watching Mastermind – a great way to pass the time.

Then some more weights and stretches before heading home happy. Feel like I’ve finally got off to a good start with my Janathon.

The Fifth Day Stats:

  • Running: 2k in 13.09
  • Cycling: 6k in 15:55
  • ‘Arm rowing’: 2k

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