The Second Day

Well I’ve stumbled at the first hurdle here, and missed out the The First Day altogether. I think I have a pretty good excuse given the fact I didn’t know about Janathon until this morning.

I’ve certainly eased myself in gently with this one. Did I find all my running gear and hit the streets? Maybe go to the gym for a swim? Oh no, my second (first) day of exercise has been walking into town. I could’ve driven or taken the bus, but decided to walk as it was the first kind of real movement I’ve done in a good week or so. Plus, there was the walking around town, to the pub, to the cinema, to the bus stop, so you can add on a little to the info below…

The Second Day Stats: 

  • Excercise: Walking
  • Distance: 2.2 miles (plus walking around shops etc.)
  • Time: 40 mins (plus walking around shops etc.)
  • Exertion: Slim to none (promise to do better tomorrow)

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  1. 3rd January 2011 / 9:50 PM

    Sounds like a good start to me! All the best with Janathon. 🙂

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